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SUNDAY 21st JUNE 2020

Prayers for Church Family and friends:

We pray for: Ray, for those caring for him and for his family; Pauline and her family; Joan’s family; all those who mourn the loss of Sonia. We pray for Ayo & Domingo; Mandy; Geraldine’s son Jason, sister-in-law Ann and Aunty Pat; Doris and her family; Ray; Philippa; Joseph; Rosemary and her family and friends Alaina and Gracie; Dawn’s cousin Wendy; Kathy & Colin and their family; Peena’s colleague Yvette, giving thanks for improvements.

We pray for those in Health and Social Care, working so hard to treat and care for the sick and the vulnerable during the Coronavirus crisis. We pray particularly for Peena, Rose, Comfort and Ayo and their loved ones. We pray for others working in key roles at this difficult time, including Geraldine and Chris. We pray for those who are worried about their jobs, families and friends. We pray for wisdom as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Prayers for our Local Community:

Monday: Residents of Wastel, Perrydown staff/residents

Tuesday: Residents of Medale Road, Beanhill Meeting Place/users

Wednesday: Residents of Maslin Drive, Tandra and Dodkin

Thursday: Residents of Beanfare, Neapland and Woodrush Close

Friday: Residents of Melick Road and Marram Close

Saturday: Residents of Darnel Close and Lammas

Sunday: Residents of Wheatcroft Close, Moorlands Primary School