Woughton Ecumenical Partnership

Safeguarding Policy

Woughton Ecumenical Partnership has adopted the Methodist Safeguarding Policy which is available to download here WEP Safeguarding Policy

As required by this policy, Woughton LEP has its own Safeguarding Policy which covers all of our Churches in the Woughton Ecumenical Partnership. This functions with the national Methodist Church Safeguarding Policy.

You can read the Woughton LEP Safeguarding Policy here.

If you have concerns about a Safeguarding matter in Woughton Ecumenical Partnership please contact Kim Weston, Safeguarding Lead by sending an email to safeguarding@woughton.org, or you can contact the Minister with Responsibility for Safeguarding who is Rev Nicola Vidamour through the Parish Office or by email nicola@woughton.org