Woughton Ecumenical Partnership

inside the church and in the churchyard


Old organ loft
A brass plaque reads:
To the glory of God, and in memory of W. Levi, who died September 7th 1889, aged 79. This organ and chamber are erected by his wife and son S.J. and W.J. Levi, February 25th 1892.

Sanctuary north wall
A dark metal plaque, which says:
In memory of Margaret, wife of Maurice Farrell, Rector of Woughton, and daughter of John Foster Esquire, QB, of Brickhill House, Bedford, and the Bogue, Jamaica. Died October 8th 1881, at Woughton Rectory. This tablet was erected by her husband, Maurice Farrell of Woughton, and her son, Maurice Foster Farrell; Barrister at Law, in the Middle Temple. A record of their fond affection, and grateful sense of the rare qualities of her mind and character. “Her ways were ways of pleasantness, and all her paths were peace”.

Sanctuary north wall
marble plaque; which reads:
In memory of George Herbert Whitaker, sometime Canon of Truro and Hereford. Rector of this parish 1917 – 1920. A distinguished scholar, a holy and humble servant of God. Loving and generous to church and people. He died 23rd May 1930, aged 84 years and is buried at Brasted, in Kent.

The recumbent effigy: believed to be of a priest. No details are known.

A marble memorial, above the vestry door which reads:
Here lieth the body of Catherine, wife of David James Esq, who died December 13th 1780, aged 50.
Also, here lieth the body of David James Esquire, who died June 26th 1789, aged 76. Also, here lieth ye body of Ann, widow of David James Esquire, who died the 31st October 1791, aged 45 years.
In fact, the bodies are interred under the floor of the Tower, where there is a memorial stone set in the floor.

A tribute to a one-time rector, behind glass, in a wooden frame that is not wall mounted and, therefore, may be moved elsewhere within the church.
It says:
In grateful remembrance of the Reverend Frederick Francis Field, Rector 1884 – 1913, and Henrietta Frances his wife, benefactors of this church and parish. This statue and altar, were erected by past and present parishioners of Woughton-on-the-Green, August 15th, 1936.
Rest eternal grant to them, O Lord. Let light perpetual shine upon them.

Sanctuary –
south wall, large marble memorial, which reads:
To the memory of Martha James, sole surviving child of Anthony Keck of London, Gent and Mary his wife, who departed this life May 7th 1735, aged 47. This monument was erected by her sorrowfull husband the Rev’d David James, Rector of this parish, near whom lyeth the aforesaid Rev’d Mr David James, who departed this life January the 8th 1746, aged 65.
NOTE: there are several gravestones set into the floor of the old organ loft, in the south-east corner of the building and in the floor of the tower, but none of them are legible.


A memorial bench standing at the foot of the west-facing wall of the tower, the plaque on which reads: 
In memory of Wally Brown. February 1980

The 1914 – 1918 War Memorial
A grey granite Cross, with the names at the foot of it:
For Right and Liberty
Frank Leonard Beckett
Alfred Knopp
William Charles Mansfield
Ernest Purcell

The Lych Gate
A panel at the foot of the gate, to the left upon entry from the road, states:
Served in the Great War 1914-1918
Lewis Thomas Baker
Robert Baden Bates
Horace Baxter
Frederick Clare
George Garratt
Lawrence David Garratt
Noah Hill
John James Hughes
David Mansfield
Frederick George Mansfield
John Davies Rose
John Sabey
George Noel Sabey
Charles Noel Sabey
William Shouler
Francis Smith
William Charles Vigus
Albert John Warr

At the foot of the frame around the names is carved:
Benedic Anima Mea Domino Qui Redimit De Interitu Vitam Tuam